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3" M1905 Field Gun

The development of the Model 1897 “French 75” made every other country’s existing cannons obsolete overnight. The United States was no exception.

The M1902/04 and finally the M1905 were developed in quick succession to incorporate the new smokeless powders, metallic-cased fixed ammunition, nickel steel barrels, and a modern long recoil system.




After the war they were used for salute guns and distributed to military schools and Veterans groups for display.

This M1905 is one that was purportedly displayed on a now closed military school campus in the Midwest.


Total production made between M1905 and 1917 was 441 units. While modest by later needs, it was assumed the United States would not become involved in "European Wars". When the United States became involved in WWI, the decision was made to follow France with a 75mm caliber system. Accordingly, the M1905 and predecessors were relegated to training and National Guard use.

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