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85mm D44 Divisional Gun
D44MN Night Vision Variant

This D44 is a museum showpiece.
Total cosmetic restoration including a detailed, but totally fake breach.


The cannon is a Polish made late production D44MN series. The M denotes 
modernized which is primarily an electrical
light system for peacetime road movement. The N denotes the modifications for the night vision system.

To our knowledge, this variant was produced solely in Poland for Russia and the other Soviet Bloc countries. Back in the day, much publicity was given to this cannon as a threat to NATO armored formations. 
The most prominent and distinctive feature is the mount for the spotlight on top of the breach. The mount is part of the breach forging and precision machined so that the spotlight is aligned with the barrel.

The night vision system is state of the art 1960/70's technology! 

The set-up consists of an electrical system to operate the large infra-red spotlight mounted above the barrel and the night vision direct fire anti-tank sight which is mounted parallel to the daytime gunsight. These sights are in addition to the normal indirect fire control. 

From the gunner's position, there is a lot of complicated looking gadgetry unique for a cannon.

The night vision system is new in the original boxes. While new, we have not tested the components and are not representing the system will work. 

This cannon is part of a group of D44s acquired from the Polish government in 2015.

The remaining D44s were acquired by Ukraine the same year after Russia's seizure of Crimea. There were only three night vision systems available. We have all three.

Unique opportunity to own a rare gun.

We suggest a climate controlled display environment for this one. 

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