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FH-70 155mm Gun-Howitzer 

The FH-70, 155mm Gun Howitzer, first placed in service in the 1980's was a joint development of the UK, Germany and Italy. 
​While the FH-70 is no longer in service with Great Britain or Germany, they are in service with Italy, Japan and several other countries. They have been furnished as aid to Ukraine in late 2022 and early 2023 by Italy and Estonia. ​


There has rarely been large modern artillery available to civilians. Western nations in particular generally do not sell current armaments as surplus. They are normally furnished as aid or sold to allied countries. 

This cannon was sold as surplus and imported some years ago from the UK when the world, relatively speaking, was at peace. Due to current world events, anything usable is being sent to Ukraine or is being held for future use. We do not expect to see modern artillery available again in the civilian market.
This is your opportunity to own a large,  current artillery piece for your collection or museum. Demilled and non-functional of course. 

Available as-is or cosmetically restored.  

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