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Finnish 45 JVK37 - 45mm Anti-Tank
Former Soviet M1937 (53-k)

Based on the WWII German Rheinmetall Pak36, the Soviet Union license built or copied the basic Pak design in a 45mm version as the M1937(53-k). Other than the upsized cannon and GAZ-A wire wheels, the Soviet M1937 is virtually identical to the German Pak. 

The  M1937 was produced in very large numbers from 1937 to1943.  Despite the large quantity produced, the M1937 is not as prevalent in postwar Soviet bloc and other recipient countries compared to some Soviet produced artillery. Most likely this is due to the small caliber which had become obsolete as an anti-tank weapon though it remained effective as a light infantry gun firing HE and canister rounds in a support role. 

A relatively large quantity did end up in Finland however, like this one, where it was used, or kept in inventory until apparently the 1970’s based on the August 1976 date stenciled on the shield.

The  45 JVK37 is popular with collectors and re-enactors in place of the German Pak which are expensive, if one can be located.  It is also easy to move and small enough to store or display in limited space.

We have one available for sale. It was imported several years ago directly from Finland. Demilitarization for importing is the typical torch cut hole in the barrel,  blocking bar, and torch cut breach. The breech block parts are missing but the “door” itself is included.

The cannon is painted in the Finnish camouflage pattern of the 1960’s/70’s. 

It has always been stored inside and is in nice condition. 

JVK 4.jpg
JVK 3.jpg
JVK 2.jpg
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