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Artillery and other Demilled Ordnance for Collectors and Museums

The Artillery Store is not the typical museum gift shop.

While we have T-Shirts, Caps, and Books,

you can also buy artillery and other deactivated crew-served ordnance. 

Your purchases help offset the daily operating expenses of the Museum and are greatly appreciated. 

About the Ordnance we sell: 

We do not sell Reproductions or New Made.

Everything is original military production and were acquired over the last 25+ years.  Quantities are limited or might be the only one available. Please read the below Terms & Conditions of Purchase. 

Whether you are a collector or a museum, we have something for you.

It's worth the trip. 

For more information: email

or call/text 940-395-9309

If no answer, PLEASE leave a message

Purchase Agreement

For Demilled Artillery

and INERT Munitions

Demilling Information

All Artillery and other Ordnance are demilled and non-functional per BATFE (ATF) requirements.

They do not function and cannot be made to function.  

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