Legal Notice

De-milled Artillery  & INERT Munitions

Offered for Sale

1. Artillery and other Ordnance are De-milled and are non-functioning per BATFE (ATF) requirements.  They do not function and cannot be made to function. Munitions were made as INERT "drill" or "schooling" rounds. They have never been live or contained any energetic material and cannot be made to function. 

2. Under Federal Law, all De-milled Artillery and INERT Munitions offed for sale are legal to possess. State or Local laws may prohibit the possession of De-milled Artillery or INERT Munitions. 

3. Exporting De-milled Artillery or INERT Munitions is a violation of Federal Law. 

4. Any attempt to modify De-milled or INERT Munitions to working conditions is a violation of Federal Law. 

5. All merchandise offered is sold for display or collecting purposes only.