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The museum collection is modern breach loaded artillery and other crew served ordnance from the artillery family of weapons along with their munitions and fire control systems.

The collection is primarily from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War Era and other conflicts up to the present time. Additionally displayed are representative WWI and earlier examples of technologically significant artillery. Some of the items in the museum are common as artillery goes, with thousands produced. Others are less common, rare, or we may have the only one known in existence.

The Museum is international in scope.          The artillery exhibited was made or used in a number of countries. In some cases the items may have been recovered from a particular war or conflict. There is a lot of history on display.

While battlefield technology is constantly evolving, improvements in range, accuracy, and lethality has kept artillery relevant. Not surprisingly, some of the weapons displayed have been observed in current use by both Russian and Ukrainian troops.

As a reminder everything on display is demilled and non-functional per BATF requirements. 


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